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March 14, 2012



Anyone that can reference both Zinn and Trollop in the same essay, stands my brain at attention. All too true and spoken with a universal appeal, inspiring to remember to conceive without bias as much as possible. A very compelling, broad statement of our contemporary, psycho-political state-of-mind. Hard not to find common cause however difficult it may be to cast off a more gratifying partisan spew. Also hard not to consider the immediate forces of technological transformation which will/can potentially overturn and reinvent again our contemporary political socio-political realm, i.e. the Arab Spring, Anonymous, OWS, the power of a new medium to empower collective action in a way that's completely outside of the bubble from which we're desperately trying to breakdown and even understand.


Interesting outline of the financial cycle! And I agree with a lot of what you say here. But especially regarding the last part, we also need to think about changing systems, going beyond acting like responsible but atomized consumers.

Calling 311 about neighborhood problems and sending anti-fracking statements to state officials is great (and that's all *I* did to fight fracking...maybe I shared a few items on Facebook, too), but we also have to be critical about the city/state infrastructure (the business interests that act in synergy with our electeds, our ultra-elite mayor, the corrupt NYPD and how problematic policing in general is...) and think about creating our own solutions (tenants' associations, community justice and copwatch programs, etc.). We still need to take care of ourselves and not get burned out and overwhelmed, just as you say. But despite our varying degrees of energy and inclination, we need to think about different frameworks that make it more difficult for us to indulge in the more harmful aspects of human nature - the greed, the avarice, the exploitation of others for personal gain on all scales. Capitalism makes it all too easy for greed to snowball into horrible circumstances for many. People got upset over Wall Street "greed," but it's about structural as well as individual failings.


Thanks for the comments!!
I totally agree about the Wall St greed being about structural as well as individual failings - and for better or for worse I do think that effectively boycotting companies that we feel are doing harm - whether its food companies or chemical companies or whatever - gives us the greatest chance of really altering the current structure, and providing a better landscape for alternatives to flourish. It seems to me that the majority of Americans are actually pretty comfortable- don't feel a pressing need for a cop watch or a tenants' association, kind of have what they want for the most part (except for healthcare but then lots of Americans seem to say they don't want THAT) - and this is part of why it can be so easy to just sit back and watch. The 'direct your money according to your values' approach is applicable to everybody, regardless of income or current level of satisfaction with immediate environment or level of drive and ingenuity in envisioning and carrying out alternatives. And I think the enterprising people who do cook up alternatives certainly won't lose steam because their fellow citizens are also attempting to spend more wisely.

Lifting and Cardio

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