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June 29, 2010



I'm with you on the wearing of a hat instead of sunblock, and I've been trying to be good about it this year. I have a big straw hat that sometimes blows off my head, but mostly I've been wearing my Radical Reference hat (http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=106&topic_id=9893&mesg_id=9893). Baseball caps are definitely not me, but what can you do? (If you have a recommendation for me, do let me know.)

More importantly, what were you reading in the library? I went by the Sunset Park branch today to drop something off for one of my colleagues, and since someone else had gotten to the NYT first I read a copy of Redbook that had Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the cover. Kind of weird.


I will let you know when I find the ideal hat - maybe we'll even end up starting a new trend

The despised book in the library was "I am Charlotte Simmons," that book Tom Wolfe wrote several years ago. It caught my eye in the stacks, but Tom Wolfe trying to be inside the head of a college girl... ugh. Actually the whole thing is just sort of "ugh." But I suppose he's doing something right because I flipped through the pages for well over an hour in spite of my feelings of loathing...

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